World's Easiest Weight Loss Method without Pills

Isn't it funny that months after months new weight loss pills show up in the market with the same claim that they are the ultimate method of shrinking the body? When in medical school, my cousin made his mom swallow pharmacies in search of just one of those pills. He took them only to find out later that they made no difference in his weight. Same result was gained by my friends.

She complained to me about how the pills gave her nausea. She has gained a lot of pounds now. In truth, losing weight is not difficult. For a while, people noticed that when they eat more in breakfast, they consume less during lunch and dinner. After dinner, comes the bedtime when, of course, in sleeping state no one cares to respond to empty stomach. Consequently, 9 to 8 hours, the body gets enough chance to shrink in size. This is the simple explanation behind the weight loss that comes from eating more in breakfast and lesser in dinner. My boyfriend was the first person to tell me about it. He has never been fat, but little weight gain did irritate him. I noticed nothing. However, to brush off the irritation, his solution was eating more in breakfast and then having less in dinner. According to him, it stabilized his weight.

The Research

What is described above was something covered by CNN almost four years ago. In 2013, research done by Daniela Jakubowicz and her team on behalf of Tel Aviv University proved this weight loss method to be accurate with an explanation from biology.

To carry out the research, they randomly selected 193 men and women suffering from obesity and had sedentary lifestyle. These participants were divided into two groups. Both the groups were allowed to have diet plan of 1400 calories daily for 16 weeks. However, the division was drawn by making changes to how the calories were to be taken through breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first group had 700 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at lunch and 200 calories during dinner. For the second group, the calories were reversed with the participants having 200 calories at breakfast, 500 calories at lunch and 700 calories during dinner. Calories were changed by weighing the amount of carbohydrate and protein each group could have in their meals. Do note that in average, we need 2000 calories per day. The amount prescribed to the groups was related to weight loss. Hence, it was low.


The result after 12 weeks was that the men and women who had more in breakfast and less in dinner lost up to 18 pounds of body weight. Meanwhile, the group that ate less at breakfast and more in dinner lost only 7 pounds.

Why did it happen? Daniela Jakubowicz explained that it was all in hunger hormone called ghrelin.
Test result showed that those in first group had less amount of this hormone. Surprisingly, during the follow up period, their insulin and glucose level turned out to be low also. As for the second group, they experienced the opposite. The conclusion drawn is that ghrelin is suppressed by high level of carbohydrate and protein taken during breakfast. This is the exact thing my boyfriend told me. He didn't know what was going on, but he did feel that he was not feeling hungry during dinner and thus, he ate less. So the main tool for weight loss is meal schedule.

Daniela Jakubowicz also recommends throwing a wide variety of nutritional foods and exercises to the mix. That said, my boyfriend did not follow it. However, one thing clear here is that the breakfast must always include high level of carbohydrate. If you wish to stay away from the inconvenience of making a big meal in the morning do it the night before it.

Fear of Clustered Holes: Trypophobia Experience

Do clustered holes of lotus seeds, insect's eggs, rings of octopus give you weird feeling inside? Do you feel disgusted by them?

If yes, you are not alone. Scientists discovered that such structures are feared by plenty of people around the world. They call it trypophobia. The term came to existence in 2005. Before we go into details, I promise you that below no picture of clustered holes exists. I am aware of the discomfort that one experiences from them.

Those who have no idea what we are talking about, try image search with they keyword trypophobia. I apologize for the hassle. Unknowingly, I have been suffering from this phobia for a very long time. Image of clustered holes will make me scared of visiting this page forever. But I will explain what this thing exactly is and the reasons that trigger the discomfort in us.

History and Academic Research

The idea of trypophobia was brought to limelight by Internet users long before 2005. They formed groups and discussed how the pictures showing clustered holes gave them an uneasy feeling. They tried various methods to get it recognized, but since they did not have academic support, their efforts were ignored by the media. Just 3 years ago, vision scientists Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins from University of Essex showed interest in the phenomena and decided to conduct their research using To their surprise, at least 16 percent of their participants reacted to the pictures shown to them. The scientists noted that the participants experienced unusual fear and even reported bodily reaction. Among the participants, there were those who minor reaction. But after some more exposure to the pictures, their fear grew deeper, hinting fully developed trypophobia. Those who never reacted showed lesser interest in looking at them.
How to explain why the pictures cause such reaction? The scientists believe that the structures of clustered holes have high contrast energy found also in patterns of poisonous reptiles and insects. When our ancestors were cavemen they saw them as danger and this is what programmed us, the present day humans to react to high contrast energy of trypophobic structures. Research is still on. We have to wait for what other explanations the scientists will give us. I am not quite satisfied with their answer to "why".

Symptoms of TrypohobiaBelow are the known symptoms of trypobhobia:
  • Fear of falling inside the holes
  • Feeling as if the darkness of the hole is attracting the body
  • Something crawling on the skin
  • Feeling itchy
  • Getting dizzy
  • Anxiety
  • Looking at the structure for a long time and them attempting to damage it
  • Abnormal heartbeat (Palpitation)
As you know by now, I suffer from this phobia. However, I don't seem to have all those symptoms. I will not deny that the pictures make my back, head and feet itchy. Even remembering the title gives me the same feeling. I don't find the explanation of the scientists satisfying because the patterns don't remind me of poisonous animals. Instead they bring back the memory of scars. The patterns seem to give me the feeling of that dark brown thick skin forming from healing wound. In brief, the lotus seeds or eggs stick to my skin like a scar. Other times, they remind of small pox and seed like acne from AIDS. I would say that my brain interprets the pattern as some kind of disease. Probably, others suffering from this phobia feel the same. Otherwise, there would not have been photoshopped images showing lotus seeds stuck to the skin. Yes, it was intentionally done to speed up the reaction in the patients.

How to Get Rid of It

Psychological help is available for people like us. Depending on the symptom, the therapies maybe anything ranging from behavioral to cognitive. You can read about them here. Don't worry, that specific page does not have those scary images.

I tried creating a therapy of my own. It did not go anywhere. What I do know is that revisiting the same trypophobic picture within 72 hours makes me somewhat immune. But as days pass by, the symptoms come back. Immunity against new pictures is fully impossible. The only thing that seems to work is forgetting the term and all the pictures.

Spot a Psychopath with This List

No one can understand psychopaths better than the Canadian researcher, Dr Robert D Hare. He devoted much of his life to learning criminal minds. He received his doctorate degree in experimental psychology. He is a consultant for FBI and Canadian prison service. His gift to the world is the list of 20 traits he came up with to detect psychopaths. Psychologists who researched and used them in work regard them as highly accurate. The traits are so nicely explained that one does not need to have a degree in psychology to understand them.

Few of them, however, have been revised. That is common in any continues research study. Whatever is there can still be useful in detecting whether a psychopath lurks within the mind of a potential partner.

In order to assume that one is truly a psychopath, we have to make sure to figure out whether every single trait mentioned below is present in his personality. So read through the list and start the evaluation process.

Superficial charmer/Readily Fluent: This is quite straightforward. Someone with this trait tries to win the heart by appearing neat and comprehensive while ignoring the deep meaning of topic in question. For an object of affection or at a job interview, he may go overboard with it.
Feels superior than all others: The person feels he is more talented than all others. He works hard. His manner is perfect. He never does anything wrong. Others are jealous of his status.
In need of stimulation: Neither love nor a stable lifestyle is powerful enough to keep this person awake. He is easily bored and thus in need of a wide variety of new experiences.

Compulsive lying: The person is a pathological liar. Psychologists say that this is one of those traits that is hard to detect. Knowing the person for a while probably can ease it. One best sign is multiple versions of the same story told on and off.  He may say he spent time with his guy friend on Friday. Two days later, this friend will turn into 5 year old niece. This is just an example and not to be taken as what every liar says. Pathological liars also lie for attention and even when they just want to open their mouth out of boredom. Talking to friends may help the investigator get to real stories.

Devious and Manipulative: Now there can be hundreds of ways to be devious and manipulative. But what you just read above goes with manipulation quite well. Psychopaths are deceptive. They will use lying to get what they want. They cheat.

No regret/ Not feeling guilty: The person can hurt and not at all feel guilty about it. He is a coldblooded snake.

Shallow emotional response: Its is more like replacing deep feelings with what appears to be extremely shallow to a normal human being. In other words, the person equals lust with love, boredom with sadness and stability to having no life at all.

No empathy/hardhearted: He can't put himself in other person's shoes. In brief, he can't feel another person's feelings.
Parasitic lifestyle: This is the kind of lifestyle that has incomplete goals. The person does not care much about them. He is more interested in relying on someone else for financial help. He can also use manipulation to get what he wants. He is maybe into substance abuse also.

Inability to control behavior: This has to do with anger and violence. Don't even think about playing a critic to him. He is sensitive to comments and will respond to them with bitter words or violence. He can't help it. By now you should understand that no one has the right to burst his ego.

Promiscuity: Since he has a habit of thinking of lust as love and he is likely to manipulate people, promiscuity is a peace of cake in his life.

Behavioral problem at childhood: For this, one needs to get into the childhood history of the person in question. Some signs include bullying other children, raising voice against adults, anger management problem, inability to accept his own mistakes, breaking of rules set by adults and so on. Some serial killers did mention that when they were kids they enjoyed hurting animals.

Inability to have practical long term goals: As he thinks he is so superior, he is more inclined to setting long term goals that make no sense to anyone. But in most cases, what is short term looks more attractive to him. He cares not whether it will help him in the long run.

Acting on a whim: He is impulsive and that is the reason why he gets violent in normal situations.

Lacking a sense of responsibility: He does not keep promises. He does not complete what he starts. He is disinterested in helping a loved one.  He is uncaring towards his family members.
Devil playing angel
Does not accept his mistakes: Earlier we saw that psychopaths at young age are prone to doing this. It looks like it travels with them to adulthood. A psychopath does not know the meaning of saying sorry. Why should he? Didn't we just come to know that he can't feel when he hurts someone? Not accepting mistakes also has link to feeling superior.

Multiple failed marriages: For someone with a tendency to be violent and impulsive, having multiple marriages is normal.

Juvenile offenses: He did illegal activities before the age of 18. Cops probably know him.

Revocation of conditional release: Obviously people go to jail for a reason. In majority of the cases, the prisoners learn to behave for which they are released on time. Some may even get conditional release. For psychopaths, things are different. If the law enforcement people declare that the person is still a threat to the society he will have his conditional release order revoked.

 A wide variety of crimes: He does many different kinds of crimes. He has no trouble stealing, beating and selling illegal stuffs.

Widow Gets Whopping $23.6 Billion Award

Sounds shocking, but it is true that widow Cynthia Robinson received $23.6 billion because of  Michael Johnson Sr, her 36 year old smoker husband. In 1996, lung cancer took his life. Cynthia believed it was the fault of RJ Renolds, the maker of Winston, Kool, Camel and Pall Mall cigarettes. She sued them with the argument that  RJ Renolds did not provide enough clarity about the danger of smoking on their packet labels. Her husband wanted to quit smoking multiple times, but always addiction prevailed.

Brain Responds to Religion Positively (Research Finds)

These days we are being constantly told that religions are violent. It is a good reason to not practice any of them. Logically, this means that we should also reject science because it has been contributing to the violence more than all the religions combined by allowing us to kill more people than ever with its deadly weapons. Enough of silly criticisms. Let's switch to something that makes religions positive. Science has good news for all those who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or even practicing Wiccan.

There are benefits to practicing religion. Science concludes that it helps fight against diseases. But how and why? The newest research has the answer to these questions. Scientists have finally found out that religion brings changes to brain. What makes this more fascinating is that it is backed up by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Studies Done Before
Before we move onto the brain part, here are some prior research findings about how religion helps mental health.

1. Research done in Hungary after the fall of Communism showed that people who practiced religion collectively had better mental and physical health. Surprisingly, those who practiced their religions individually had worse mental  health than those who were atheist. Similar findings were noted from research done on population of Texas and Israel. The conclusion is that better mental health has high correlation with rituals done in social settings.
2. What happens when someone very strict about his religious practices and abstinence starts to gradually say yes to all that he considered forbidden? Examples are drugs and alcohol. One research done in 2000 on elderly population reveals that such case makes it difficult for the deviated person to go back to his religion. To make things worse, he may end up with severe drug addiction problem, ruining his mental health and social life.

3. By the year 2000, hundreds of studies were already completed on the connection between religions and depression. 66.67 percent of them showed that those who were most religious had less or no depression symptoms.

4. In Canada, researchers observed 865 patients of depression for up to 24 weeks to find out how quickly they went to the road of healing. The conclusion derived  was that those who turned to religions and prayed regularly were able to get their depression healed 50 percent quicker than those who practiced no religion.

5. Multiple studies have proven that those who are seriously ill can cope with its pain better through prayers. These studies, however, are more connected to organized religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Can someone achieve this similar result from spirituality related to wicca or anything new age? Research done in Twain says yes. Those who believe in karma, goddesses and regularly participate in spiritual rituals have the power to cope with painful incidents and illnesses just like those who are practicing organized religions.

6.  Regularly attending religious services boosts life expectancy. This conclusion was drawn from data of 95,000 women. No explanation accompanies the finding. We can presume that those who socially practice religions tend to be more conscious about their health, appearance and habits because they wish to avoid remarks from church goers they meet regularly. The setting must also be taken into account. In a positive environment, people are more eager to help one another.  Lastly, almost all religions promote healthy lifestyle and recommend discipline.

Neurology and Religion
As you just saw, studies have proven that religions are good for health. Neurology has an answer to this now. Brain Cortex positively responds to religious activities. This is the latest finding that researchers from Columbia university has achieved after they took a look at magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of heads of 103 people in risk of suffering from depression. Earlier research proved that the this illness has connection to thinning of brain cortex. Usually, the stress that comes before the depression begins to attack this portion of the brain. The newest study shows that those who hold religions as very important parts of their lives are more capable than others in keeping the depression at bay. Also those who are already suffering from this mental illness can trigger the cortex to thicken by doing religious and spiritual activities like praying and meditating. No regular church, mosque, synagogue or temple attendance is required.

Measles Outbreak Seen in California Bay Areas

Bad news for all Californians, cases of measles in the state are on rise. The disease is not uncommon around winter, but the prior year we had only 3 confirmed cases. According to California Department of Public Health, this year, we have 32 cases. At least 16 of them are reported from Southern California. See the chart given below for the affected counties.

The chart shown above may change overtime with more cases being confirmed. We can only hope for the opposite by taking precautions. The virus seems to be looming over the entire bay area. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that by 2000, the disease was killed in the United States for good. The new reports that come up now are more connected to travelling to foreign countries where every citizen does not get access to vaccination. This is in line with the recent Californian cases. CDPH mentioned that at least 3 Californians contracted the virus in Philippines. Two others contracted it in India. It is claimed that currently both the countries are suffering from measles outbreak. Health officials still blame the anti vaccine campaign for the outbreak by pointing out that some Californian patients were never vaccinated. The anti vaccine campaign rose from religious belief and suspicion on the safety of ingredients that go in the vaccine. One British doctor named Andrew Wakefield in 1998 recommended health departments to test the ingredients of Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines. He believed they had link to autism. This news was widely distributed by the media, ultimately inflicting paranoia among the citizens.

 In California, vaccination has always been a sensitive topic with people being more upfront about their disinterest in going for it. Consequently, we have laws that facilitate exemption from immunization.

How does Measles virus spread?
In-depth structure of Measles

Biology teaches that measles virus stays in the respiratory system with mucus sending it to both nasal cavities and throat. The host or carrier, therefore, can transfer the virus to others by coughing and sneezing. Once captured in the air, the virus can remain alive for up to 1 hour. This explains why even without any contact with the main host, one can get infected by this virus. Moisture, however, is more hazardous. The virus in the wetness survives for up to 2 hours. Unvaccinated people have 90 percent chance of getting infected upon exposure.


After the exposure, the new host may go without feeling any negative physical reaction for up to 10 or 12 days. But this is no grace period. The virus uses the time to hijack and corrupt the cells of his lymph gland, eyes and respiratory system. The initial symptoms of the final illness are cold and cough accompanied by fever which may start to worsen later. During this time, the host will also find his eyes watery and red which will eventually make him sensitive to light. This eye infection is called conjunctivitis. Inside the mouth, there will be white spots as well. The final symptom of the virus is growing red spots over the body skin. It starts from top to bottom.


Vaccine is by far the best precaution. But those who do not wish to get it may go for masks. This should be given high priority in hospital areas. During an outbreak, it is also best to not use public transportation and eat out. In some countries, schools and offices are closed for an indefinite time to prevent additional cases. Hopefully, someday United States will also implement this method.

3 Ways You Can Use Orange Peels to Get Rid of Bugs

Rich in Vitamin C, soluble fiber and potassium, orange has long been highlighted as one of the healthiest fruits. Its peels have also gained popularity for yummy marmalade and  ability to boost zest of other foods.  In skin care, they are not far behind. In powdered form, they are known to remove tan.

But did you know they can also keep bugs at bay? In the first section of this post, we will take a look at them. Then we will have instructions on how to dry out the peels and turn them into powder right at home.

Shoo away bugs from drawers by throwing in some peels: This comes from my aunt. Let’s call it effective homemade potpourri. The technique of making it is very simple, but no we should not directly throw the pills in them. She recommends putting the peels in a drawstring pouch and leaving it in the drawer.

The result of this will be bug free scented clothes. This is what I found out from following the tip. Drawstring pouch is available in almost every store. Check your cupboard just in case you have one. Sometimes certain skin care samples, jewelry and small gifts come in such pouch.

Force the mosquitoes to leave by burning orange peels: If you want to save your loved ones from mosquito bites, try burning orange peels. Yes, even mosquitoes hate their smell.  But do note that the oil found in the peel is flammable. Hence, caution must be taken. It is best to have this option preserved for outdoor meals or camping. Orange peel can also be rubbed onto skin for similar result, but it does irritate the skin.

Prevent ants from coming to your house by using a solution made from orange peel: Those who prefer killing ants with detergent water can skip this. But just letting you know that pureed orange peel mixed in water can do the same job. The process is little time consuming in the sense that it requires a spray bottle, blender and peels of more than one orange.

How to dry out the orange rinds and turn them into powderThis can be done in two ways.  If you want to go the traditional way, place the peels on a tray and allow it to sit under the hot sun for days. Before the evening, always bring it inside the house to prevent dew formation. Moisture should never be allowed around the peels as it can give them molds. Also if you are planning to use them in skin care recipes even under the sun make sure the tray is covered with aluminum foil or transparent lead of your choice. This will keep the peels clean. By the way, the heat of aluminum foil can actually speed up the process of drying.

The second option we have is oven. This is good for all those who are busy with work. However, here we need to be careful with the temperature of the oven. Low heat is recommended. Otherwise, the peels will burn.

Once the peels start to look crispy they can be transferred into a personal blender to start the powder making process. You can also go for mortar and pestle. The orange peels will not completely turn into flour like powder. Some solid particles will remain visible. This will not have any negative impact on the use.

5 Things That Will Kill Your Sleep At Night

Insomnia is said to be increasing in America. The problem begins mainly from age 20. Insomnia can trigger many other harsh effects. It is known to bring negative changes to behavior. Biologically, it can cause wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. By the way, dark circles are sometimes genetic.

When insomnia takes over, they turn worse. At that point, they become stubborn. So we all should try our best to get adequate sleep. But it is not always child’s play. Some nights sleep just does not want to come. For women going through menopause, sleep disorder can turn chronic. Hormonal changes have links to it. Insomnia can also be inherited through genes. But did you know that certain other external and internal things can also have the tendency to prevent sleep in those who do not have any such issues? If you are wondering what they are have a look below.

1. Caffeine: This is one of the most culprits to leave a body awake. Experts say that we should not drink more than 2 cups of coffee if we want to have good sleep at night. No doubt it is true. Yet the amount going in the body at day time may not totally affect the nighttime sleep. The biggest mistake is drinking coffee 2 or 3 hours before going to bed. This is when body has to be made extremely tired to make the sleep hormone work.

2. Sugar: This is another thing I experimented with. My foods were different kinds of desserts like cakes and pies. I had them at night and stayed up late till 5am. It seems sugar is more powerful than caffeine. Even a half a glass of 7Up works like a harsh sleep preventer. Note that body size plays in important role in this.

3. Depression: This can be termed as extremely toxic. Research has shown that depression has a very strong connection with sleeplessness. The notion is that depression does inhibit sleep. But when it becomes constant or frequent, body gets addicted to insomnia. Similarly, insomnia heralds the beginning of depression.

4. Medications: Pharmaceutical industry normally does not hide the information that certain medications cause insomnia. Just check the label of your medication before taking it at night. It is noted that Lipitor, Prozac, Celexa, Luvox, Zoloft, Cardura, Flomax and so forth have shown noticeable signs of preventing sleep. 

5. Hunger: Not sure why it is never brought up. Hunger can delay sleep greatly. Much of it is connected to the fact that the work of acid taking place within empty stomach eventually annoys the mind. Thus, the focus on the sleep is prevented. Hunger can also cause nightmares.

Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act Needs Your Support

We are all aware that many lipsticks contain lead and that some nail polish recipes have toxic chemicals. What do Nivea sunscreens and some L’Oreal, and Covergirl cosmetics have in common? According to the lab report of Australia’s National Measurement institute, they all carry anatase titanium dioxide.

This mineral does not protect us from sun. Instead it boosts the growth of free radicals, increasing our chances of getting skin cancer.The brands we just heard about are multinational. They do not make and distribute their products just from one country.

Specifically, Nivea has laboratories in many different parts of the world and this does bring level variation in ingredients that go in their creams. But what is in the ones available here in US? Probably, we will never know until an American independent group takes up the job of testing them in the lab.

Our problem lies in the rules of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We are truly behind. In the cosmetics and personal care department, we are being “protected” by Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1938! The funniest point is that the meaning of safety is not defined by it. Attempts have been made to amend this act. But each time, the escape matter comes in. The consequence of this is that our safety remains in the hands of the companies selling us the products. United States is capitalistic. This is an excellent arrangement for businesses to bring prosperity to themselves.  But there is always something called greed which compels some to stoop low. Cosmetics and many personal care products are no different from foods. Sure we do not eat them, but they do get absorbed by our skin.  So somehow they are going into our system. What if FDA suddenly comes to know that some of these are toxic? It can punish the makers, but this does not mean it can recall the products from the market. 

How do harmful chemicals make it to the products? It is easy; the industry simply has the power to do it. In fact, they can intentionally use any harmful ingredient and decide not to add it to the label’s ingredient list. It is not important for FDA to know about it because registering the products with it is rather optional for the companies.  Do you see how Food, Drug and Cosmetics act has a number of loopholes? You can close them all by supporting Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act. This year, it has been reintroduced by Reps JAN Schakowsky and Edward J Markey. If passed into law, this act will:
  • Make it compulsory for all cosmetics companies to register with FDA. Their yearly gross sales will be charged a fee.  Small business, however, will be spared from both registration and fees.
  • Require Health and Human Services to perform tests on samples of cosmetics annually for infectious agents and impurity.
  • Give power to FDA to recall or stop the distribution of products that are toxic and are violating safety, and branding rules.
  • Give more power to all states to create stricter standards
  • Make it obligatory for all cosmetics companies, their packagers and distributors to submit reports of negative health effects of their products to FDA.
  • Compel companies to share more information with salons about any possible risk of using their cosmetics.
  • Require FDA to create detailed portfolio of toxic ingredients that are to be banned. Ingredients that cause cancer and attack fertility will also be the target of the ban.
You can show support for this act by simply asking your representative to co-sponsor it. It will not take you even a minute to do it. Just follow the instructions:
  • Go to this link of Women's Voices for the Earth 
  • Type your zip code in the box given on the page. Then hit enter.
  • Now you will be shown the name of your representative with a box containing a letter for you to send and under it will be form where you enter your name and address. This form will help you stay connected with your representative for more information you want from him.
  • Once you click the send message button your task will be done.
You can stay updated on the status of the bill here: 
H.R. 1385: Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013

Update: Just like before, the bill is dead.

Symptoms that Internet is Making You Sick

The age of Internet has helped us become more open minded as it has connected us to a huge database of information about almost every topic available under the sun.  Country borders are not a problem.

Yes, Google is trying its best to localize the search results, but that has not completely prevented us from having our hands on those made in another country.  Similarly, computers, tablets and laptops have made our writing and accounting jobs easier. There is not a single office or home which can now run without one of these.  But too much of a good thing does sometimes turn bad and leave one ill to the core.  The symptoms, however, will always vary. Information about them can be derived from the kind of task you are doing using the Internet and computer.  Some of them have been given below. See if any matches with your problem.

Feeling of burned eyes:  When you stay online or on computer too long, the eyes go through sever stress. At one point, they simply wish to close. Some sites decorated with purely white background will turn out to be more toxic in this situation.  The light from white background coupled with the blackness of fonts will give you the feeling that the screen is going dark. If the eyes are still not given break they may end up with blurred vision disease.

Body ache:  This is a very common problem felt by majority of the computer users. Of course, the machine itself cannot be blamed for it. Sitting too long instantly leads to body ache.  It is just that we have parts within us that are programmed to stay healthy from motion. Both burned eyes and body ache are linked to computer vision syndrome.

Nausea:  This too is stress related, but most often happens from prolonged multitasking online. There is not a single study that focuses on this, but many college students have already become its victims. Count me as one of them. The symptom comes into existence as we go from one journal to another for hours in search of information to insert in our research papers as supports.  Sometimes the nausea is accompanied by a severe headache. Empty stomach and less sleep will make it harsher. It is not important to be online to have the symptom.  Setting up a new database through analysis on the computer for too long can have similar impact.

Hard to get off the Internet:  A few psychologists believe that if someone is spending at least 38 hours online per week he or she is an Internet addict. This is still debatable and lacks logic in the sense that many people earn a living online and they have to use Internet more than 38 hours per week.  Even some office jobs require it.  Internet addiction is not yet an official disorder, but its other symptoms can be taken as valid. If you are such an addict you will find yourself uselessly spending way too much time online. Even gambling online and watching too much porn have been taken as a part of this addiction.

Depression:  Psychologists are trying to link depression to Internet addiction. Most certainly the feeling of not gaining anything from online experience can certainly make one down, but there are also normal internet users who have suffered from depression due to other reasons.  Just think about the research about Facebook. The study shows that those who view their friends’ happy pictures on this site for too long become depressed about their own lives. They basically feel others are doing better than them. Social networking site is not the only culprit. Reading too much of negative information or viewing offensive videos online can turn into cause of depression.

Gluttony or Food addiction followed by weight gain: If you are already suffering from gluttony internet will probably make it worse.  Some of my friends actually brought it up in our conversation. According to them, sometimes it is hard to stop snacking while online. One even emphasized that when she is online her hands unintentionally go on the nearest chocolate bars. Others complained that keeping the mouth idle while online leaves them unsatisfied. When this goes too far they end up gaining weight. Do you think you have this problem?

Product of Seduction Kills Ants (My Latest Discovery)

In the morning, as I went downstairs to make some coffee for myself I was met with sudden attack from ants. In their eyes probably, fall is almost near.So the hoarding work has begun. To us humans, this is quite annoyance. Who really likes their bites filled with poison? For me, they are big pain in the neck. I don’t like to get crawled up.  My day, however, turned out to be bad. I could not find the insect killing spray. I searched and searched the cabinets. I suppose my mom took it to her room where I was not allowed to wander at the wee hours of the morning. This did not have much impact on my patience.

I finally decided to try something different. It was right in one of the cabinets. To my surprise, it did work. In fact, it killed few of the ants within a second. What was that anti bug product? Well, it is something that we wear to cut sweat odor. It is that same product which softly can seduce men.

I am talking about body spray. It seems to have poisonous effect on ants.  Just see the picture given above. I sprayed the liquid right on those guys. After seeing this result, I got interested to find out whether perfume would have similar effect on them. As predicted by me, yes, it did kill them, but somehow it took more than 3 seconds for them to say good bye.
What this means is that in an emergency when no insect killer is nearby or when ants have invaded the surrounding of cosmetics, we can use body spray or perfume to kill them.

But do not expect this to be complete solution against thousands. Nozzles of perfume and body spray do not give out enough liquid to kill many ants at once. That makes the process of carrying out the war rather slow. But yes, it seems that body spray is a better killer than perfume. I used a cheap one. It is called Body Fantasies.
Not even enough was in the bottle. But it did the job. That was very nice of it. Smell wise, it was average. I would not go into that because I actually never wore this body spray.

Meaning of the White Mark You Have On Your Nail

From time to time, you will find a straight or circular white mark on your nail. Several myths make it look like a mysterious thing. Some believe that the appearance of white mark on a woman’s nail make her more capable of cooking good dishes.

Others say that it is a sign of calcium deficiency. None of them can be taken as facts. Therefore, we have to consider them as nothing, but myths. The meaning of white mark has one specific meaning. Let's have a discussion on that today. 

There is actually no mystery on what a white mark is. Experts believe it is the sign of trauma the nail has gone through. You see, sometimes accidentally, nails bend. Reasons can be anything ranging from falling down to simple stroke on the finger. Carrying heavy objects can also bend the nails. No matter what the cause is, white mark is a sign of injury

Apparently, certain liquids can end up leaving the white spots on the nails. A good example is nail polish. Not all ingredients in it can be friendly to them. This is just my own viewpoint. I have been noticing that my nails cannot stand New York Color (NYC) nail polish. I suppose the problem is none other than what makes up its liquid.

Even one coat leaves a nice white mark on few of my nails. I would call it allergic reaction. However, the white mark coming from NYC is no normal injury. It is more like a burned spot. Consequently, now NYC only serves me in arts and crafts projects.

I would end this post by saying that if a nail polish inflicts such marks on your nails stop using it. The best is to just return it to the store. but that is possible only if you save its receipt. 

Psychiatric Association To Call Shyness A Mental Illness

American Psychiatric Association makes an official manual which identifies different mental illnesses. This manual is called Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental Disorders (DSM). Its edition keeps changing as new illnesses come or get verified. Those who work with psychologically disturbed patients take help from DSM to study their mental illnesses. If needed, they let others in the medical industry such as the insurance companies to know about their findings about these patients. The one you are seeing in the picture is DSM-IV. Its time is expiring. The latest one coming out will be called as 5th edition. There is controversy surrounding this one because it is on its way to declaring that shyness is a mental illness. If officially made public this manual is going to stir trouble for all shy Americans. 

Shyness is a very broad personality trait. No one is shy because of just one specific reason. Every person is different and shyness can be either situational or habitual. But what DSM is going to do is put every shy person in the same category.

Those who are against this new edition believe that taking shyness as mental illness will make many go through wrong diagnosis and medical treatment. It is also possible that the treatment will be forced upon a totally normal person. Yes, anything can happen because medical industry loves the idea of making money. At the end of the day, the real mission of  a business is to make profit! 

It is predicted that acceptance of this DSM-V will also bring some hostile and even awkward social changes. Some examples we can conjure up right now on this are:
  • Shy kids getting bullied in school.
  • Both men and women getting forced to be more aggressive and open. Those who fail in such departments might get tagged as mentally sick patients.
  • Shy people experiencing negative behavior from their colleagues and so on.

Good news is that effort has been made to stop this DSM-V from getting published. Even many working psychology profession are against it. At least 11,000 people signed a petition to show their opposition. Nothing is final yet. So all we can do now is hope that shyness does not make its way into the manual. This little personality trait is universal. In the US alone, we have 80 percent shy people and that is a combination of adults and teens. This basically tells us that the new edition of DSM manual will end up declaring that more than half of the US population is mentally sick. Those who live in foreign countries must also remain alert on this topic. Point to note is that elements from US culture go global. 

Research Shows Facebook Makes Users Unhappy

Did you know there is now a course in American schools that deals with Facebook only? Yes, now this popular social network is something to be studied by college students. Perhaps, after a few years, we will also have a bachelor degree linked to Facebook? I went a little too further. Sorry about that! Anyways, the newest buzz revolving around this specific social network is that it makes majority of its users unhappy.

No, it has nothing to do with the unstable mind of Mark Zuckerberg’s which keeps changing the profile layout recipe almost every week.  Actually, a sociologist had a lot of money to waste on finding out why people on Facebook looked so happy. What surprised her (and not us users) at the end was that the result turned out to be the opposite.

Her findings reveal that people who spend more time on Facebook tend to think that their friends lead a better life than them. The accused factors are none other than the enormous amount of party and wedding photo albums that get generated by those happy friends on Facebook. A picture speaks a thousand words. That is the feeling of the unhappy ones as they gaze upon those photo albums.

Meanwhile, those who prefer face to face contacts with friends instead of relying on social network are not very much into the belief that others are happier than them.

This is the ultimate conclusion that the sociologist drew after interviewing 425 students. If you are someone who is saying, “wow, I did not even know it” then you can do more studies on it by getting hold of  the journal called Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Networking. This is where she published her report.

Should Skinny and Underweight People Eat More to Gain Weight?

It is traditionally believed that one remains underweight or skinny because they do not eat much. Can you guess what advice the negative commentators give to such a person? It is, “you should eat more”.

What is shocking is that this line is celebrated east to west because it looks like an easy tip to follow and perhaps, even cozy for the movement of the mouth. But the one receiving this advice needs to tell them to just shut up. Following their advice can actually lead you to emergency department of the hospital.

First of all, eating too much can upset your stomach. Many people compare it to food poisoning because you will not just have a sick stomach, but also nausea. In some cases, however, you will get only stomach ache accompanied by unusual discomfort.  So do not follow such advice. It can turn brutal for your body. The truth is that even if you do not end up with such problem you will add cholesterol to your system and that will mean more complications for you. Yes, weight does not always reflect what goes inside the body. Even skinny people can become victims of high cholesterol level.

Still if you wish to gain weight by only eating contact a nutritionist. This person is knowledgeable about human body’s connection with foods. Thus, he or she will help you better understand as to what and how you should be eating in order to gain weight. The most concerned one will even provide you a diet chart. But one thing you must know is that sometimes just eating food is not enough. Exercising needs to be accompanied with it. The best is weight training because it pumps up the muscles.

On the whole, take the healthy approach instead of giving into people’s dangerous advices. If they do not keep quiet just ask them if they have planned to get you murdered through slow means. By the way, there are some skinny people who can gain by eating a lot. But remember, that everyone does not have the same body. So what worked for them might not work for you at all. 

How to Stop Nail Biting in Adults

Nail biting is an everyday occurrence in this world. Many reasons can be held responsible for it. The most common one is nervousness. Another emphasized one is failure to find clippers. Such situations, however, are trivial. The worst of all is the habit that gets into the system at young age. The pleasure of nail biting leads to that.

I myself was under its influence for 14 years. From a medical doctor’s point of view, this is unhealthy for the body. I did not see it occur in my case though. But yes, biting does make nails look hideous and people never hesitate to give nasty feedback on that. For this reason, it is important to kill the habit. I basically got rid of mine with the help plain nail polish. Sadly, for some, this tactic might never work. But thanks to common sense, there are many other effective methods that can be used. Here are seven of them:

1. Gloves: Winter is the ultimate high time for taking steps to murder the nail biting habit. After all, this is when gloves are in fashion. Get yourself a pair and wear it all the time. Obviously, this is going to beat the cold, but with that the nail biting habit will also say goodbye. The gloves will keep your nails covered and thus your mind will stay free from the temptation of biting them.

2. Clear tapes: Put clear tapes on your nails.  This will also keep them covered and hinder your mouth from reaching them. This should work all year around. By the way, use of clear tape has been described by many as the most effective method.

3. Sugar free candies or chewing gum: It is comprehensible that you cannot go out in public with tapes on your nails. Do not worry; just keep a sugar free candy or chewing gum in your mouth. The big advantage of doing this is that it will keep your mouth sticky and busy. Thus, you will not think of putting your nails inside it thinking it will get them dirty.

4. Garlic: Garlic has bad odor. That is why, rubbing it on your nails will abstain you from bringing them close to your nose. This will save them from your mouth instantly.

5. Wear wet or creamy lipstick: This also will work wonderfully in public. Wet or creamy lipstick does not dry out on the lips. So it is more prone to getting smeared by fingers. In other words, wearing it will make you aware that you do not want to ruin your look by bringing your hand close to your lips. This is how your nails will remain safe from getting munched. Carry around the lipstick for a quick touch up after drinking and eating.

6. Nail polish of nail biter: Try out a nail polish made chiefly to kill the nail biting habit. Several brands make it. The best is said to be Sinful Colors Anti-bite and Nail Growth. You can also check out Barielle No Bite Pro Growth and Orly No Bite Deterrent.
7. Nail makeover: Get your nails done by the professional. Normal manicure sure works. But the best is to get acrylic nails. They will keep your original ones away from your eyes.

Note that none of them will ever work if you do not honestly make yourself aware that you do wish to get rid of the habit. Determination and discipline are your real keys here. Do not suddenly drop them. Otherwise, after trying out the methods for couple of days you will go back to square one. One way to stop it from happening is to start loving long nails. Assure yourself that they can add profound beauty to your hands. This is how you will turn indifferent to your habit all the more and embark on growing your nails. 

Simple Way to Put a Stop to Strong Nausea

Nausea is one of the sickest feelings. There is just no way to properly describe it. Likewise, it influences the body to go through utter turmoil. Because of all this, various pills to stop nausea are available.

But not all of us keep them at home. Sometimes we just want to avoid them and go for the natural medications found in ginger, lemon drops, juice, sodas and so on. But one thing we must know is that they cannot help those who become sensitive to strong flavors due to the ugly face of nausea. Of course, in a way, none of us is really safe from this kind of problem. The entire condition depends on what illness we have.

So eventually, we are compelled to stay away from them, letting nausea win against us. This is pretty outrageous! But hold on,  there is still another weapon left. Today, we will discuss it here. If you really try it out you will be quite surprised by its positive effect.

The Curious Case of the Furious Girl Who Attacked All

Something really terrible happened last week in Florida. It was just one ordinary day when a girl on the school bus wanted to enjoy her candy, but was stopped by the driver.  Throw the laws of obedience out of the topic. She did politely say okay and keep the candy back in her purse. Instead she lost her temper and spitted on the bus driver.

Once out of the bus, she was greeted by cops. They urged her to stop screaming or they would take her to jail. This, however, did not result in any kind of peace treaty. The girl lost her temper all the more and she began attacking all around her with asphalts. In the middle, the cops bore an extra attack of lawn chairs (made of aluminum) and threat, “I will f*** kill you”.

Eventually, the girl was arrested. But in the jail, things did not go peacefully either as she was found hitting her head against the walls. Unable to think of anything else, the cops used pepper spray to stop her.

Now how old is this girl? Just 9. What went wrong exactly? According to the mother, it was an episode from the mental disorder known as schizophrenia. She also claimed that skipping medication could turn the girl violent.  

Many people are finding this claim hard to believe because it is usually thought that one becomes schizophrenic only after he or she reaches the age 13. But the medical journals reveal that this mental disorder can also occur in those hitting age 5. Only thing is that it is quite rare.

As for this specific girl, her name is mentioned by the cops, but we will avoid knowing it here. If you already know who she is good for you. By the way, she is now back at home, but with detention.  

How to keep Your Body Warm in Bed During Winter

Days are getting colder. The rain is making things worse. Very soon, many parts of United States will go in the clutches of snow. Although outside it will look all dreamy inside the heater will make sure to swallow the money. Sleep will also suffer.

It is not easy to stand cold temperature in bed after all. So the body must be kept warm. Do you wish to keep the heater on all night? This is not such a bad idea, but we cannot really just overlook the bill it will bring every month. That is why, it is best to look for another way to keep the body warm in bed. We will know today how to do this. 

Color’s Connection With Personality Is a Joke

Red seems to be always associated with negativity. According to psychologist, people who like red tend to be more free spirited, but also aggressive. Meanwhile, it is claimed that most criminals have a liking for black, green people are faithful and calm, pink people are flirty and friendly, blue people are depressed, white people are honest and conservative.

Perhaps, their studies showed some kind of precise result, but by using my own observations, I will say that color cannot define a person’s personality.  I will tell you why here.

Nick Cartner’s favorite color is green. That means he is down to earth, faithful and peaceful. But in real life, he is something completely different. I do not know whether he is down to earth, but he definitely is not faithful and peaceful. Once he made it to the headline for cheating on Paris Hilton. Of course, before that she was the one who did it. When Nick Carter was asked why cheated on her he replied that because he heard from people about her infidelity and thus, he could not take their relationship seriously anymore. Another point to note is that he does have an anger management problem. He has been the most hyper BSB member.
Interestingly, Kim Kardashian’s favorite color is white. What does this lady’s career profile say? She is not just famous for her reality television show, but also for her explicit videotape and pictures. But if we take color personality into account we will have to conclude that she is the type of woman who would not even dare to touch a mini skirt.

Personally, I know someone who likes red very much. She is so obsessed with it that she makes sure to only buy red cars whose decorations are also of that same color. But she is neither aggressive nor free spirited. She gives into people’s wishes all the time because she cannot say no. At the same time, she is too much of an introvert.

Overall, color cannot define a personality. But I still wonder whether psychologists believe that people who like too many colors at the same time have multiple personality disorder. I tried to find a journal containing a research on this, but received zero result.  They seem to have never did any studies on this issue.