Understanding Virgo Rising

Virgo rising has an everlasting connection with nursing. No matter how rude the natives wish to appear people always rush to them for help. Even their enemies are tempted to do so. Why?

The reason behind this unusual fact is that the Virgo rising gives its carrier the appearance of an easy going reliable helper. Interestingly, this mask is not really a mask, but the truth that hides within the native. In other words, he or she does have the urge to be of other’s service. Despite this, some people might find them too negative. Nothing, but the Virgo’s natural habit of criticizing certain things is responsible for it. Even as rising, it remains the same.

By personality, the natives are also very book smart. A little conversation with them might just reveal that they are too into reading and studying.

Now physically, Virgo rising males are different from their female counterparts. Their heads are usually of square shape and their eyes imply that they are chit chatty. On the contrary, the females have smaller heads and their eyes appear tired. In many ways, these ladies will remind you of relaxed queens and princesses, for their tired eyes are blessed by the comradeship of raised eyebrows.

In love and relationships, Virgo rising people are faithful, but have a need to adhere to cleanliness. Dirty and disorganized people, thus, will not have much luck at winning their hearts. The Virgo rising sees it all. The secret of this lies in the fact that their perfect dream partner is someone who is clean, respectful and makes sure to keep bedroom neat and tidy.

Lastly, Virgo rising is not too into sex. Even if they are doing it they make sure to stay quiet about it. They are conservative by nature and that is why, they see sex as a topic to be discussed just with the partner and nobody else.

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