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Hottest Trends in Shoes and Sandals for Spring/Summer of 2013

Spring is already here. But birds and we humans in California still have one more suffering to experience. It is the rain of March. Weather this time has been quite unpredictable. So we are not sure whether we would really have the water drops from the sky. But the designers of shoes are still being careful. That is why; some of their new designs seem to promise protection for our legs.  On the other side of the line, we will witness return of what we thought was gone long time ago. Say hello to Saturn in Scorpio!

Boat Shoes: They are the biggest highlight of the season. Most stores will carry them.  Their casual look makes them perfect for college going students and those who just want fresh air somewhere in the green field. Colors are no restrictions. 

We can basically pick pink, brown or anything fancier like zebra pattern. Most stores will have them. Actually, they have always been in fashion. Just this time, they have turned celebrities. In the picture we have Teal Leather from Timberland, Sperry Top-Sider (Bahamas Boat) and Mint Canvas from Rock and Candy.

Wedge Sneakers:  These shoes will remind you of the 80s. But there is no denying to the fact the cool attitude they evoke has not faded yet. 

Wear them to look stylish and at the same to save your pants from muddy water of the rain. You will find these shoes best at Victoria's Secret and In the picture, the ones on the left are Canvas Bowie and on the right, we have orange Westbuitti Dakota. 

Pointed Cap-Toe:  This is also trendy right now. Whether you like heels or flat girly shoes, the pointed cap-toe will put you in front as the most fashionable in parties and college.  

They too seem to have the touch of 80s. These shoes are available in majority of the departmental stores including Wal-Mart. The examples in the picture are from Steven Dreamt and Mixx Shuz Teresa Red  and Gold.

Iridescent Texture: These are no more club shoes. The 2013 trend has made them casual. Moreover, we now have freedom to go with whatever form we find more comfortable to wear.
All kinds of shoes now have the iridescent texture. In the picture we have, Bordello, Dansko and Ara Henrietta. 

Jeweled/ Beaded Sandals: This year, it is all about looking elegant. That is why, the trend calls for beaded sandals. As usual, there is no restriction on colors. But most fashion experts emphasize that they are mainly for special events. 

Looking at the amount of beads and stones used on them, we surely need to listen to their suggestion. By the way, Macy’s is the best place for getting those sandals.In fact, above, the dark browns are from that store. Its name is Kenneth Cole Reaction Glamathon. The pair on the top of it are White Mountain Blast. They are available at Zappos. 

Studs and Spikes: The style of studs and spikes came last Fall. You will continue to see them in the trend even this year. I did not have much confidence over them.
But it seems that they are a hit for which they are once again making their way into the stores. The one on the left is Emery WP Platform and the pink one is Deb. 

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